Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I ship products I receive from SpecAir?

SpecAir gas products are “Hazardous Materials” and require trained, licensed shippers.

How do I dispose of non-refillable cylinders once I am done with them?

Disposal laws or regulations of gas cylinders may vary from place to place; we recommend you check with state and/or local officials for proper requirements. See safe handling instructions for gas cylinder preparation for disposal.

How do I get my Enviro-cyl cylinder(s) refilled?

Please contact SpecAir customer service for details at 800-292-6218 or

What is LEL?

LEL is the acronym for “Lower Explosive Limit.” All flammables have upper and lower limits when combined with air are able to support combustion. Typical industry safe guards do not exceed 50% of a chemical’s established LEL when Oxygen is present.

What options do I have for shipping my online order?

SpecAir is licensed with FedEx for hazardous materials shipping. A hazmat handling fee is charged for any package containing a gas cylinder(s). Per federal DOT and international Air Transit authorities, full gas cylinders are classified as Dangerous Goods and/or Hazardous Materials. All carriers charge additional fees to handle these types of materials.

If you are interested in shipping internationally, please call 800-292-6218 to inquire.


Why does production of EPA Protocol mixtures take longer?

The EPA has established very stringent requirements for production, analysis and traceability for these type gases. Facilities approved to produce these mixtures are mandated by law to follow production requirements.